Dawn was able to pull out my beliefs about my career and money that have been holding me back. I now feel excited about my future career and truly believe I have affirmed a career I want. Alison

I love receiving your emails, they fill me with great hope for my future.

Thank you again for our time yesterday. I so enjoyed and appreciated your information. I found your question to me and information illuminating. AG

I found coaching extremely helpful in terms of helping me to focus on personal goals and objectives, making me happier and getting me out of a rut that I felt I had slipped into. It was a highly motivating experience and allowed me to explore a variety of personal and professional issues. Fortnightly coaching sessions gave me concrete actions to take forward which I was committed to achieving as they were self-selected. I found it a holistic approach to life’s problems, utilising personal development techniques I’d experienced before and some that were new to me, such as positive affirmations and visualisation. It was flexible and despite being over the telephone, highly personal. I would recommend Dawn as a coach unreservedly and can’t thank her enough for the progress I have made over the past few months in reaching a greater understanding of myself and achieving my goals. Jane

Thank you for waking up my dreams.

Thank you so much, I feel a lot more positive and I am going to accept myself when I look in the mirror. Wendy.

A very interesting and instructive evening. It made me think! Mary.

I really appreciated your ‘Independence’ e-mail … it really struck a chord with me!

Very inspirational calming environment, helped me centre and remember why we are here in the first place. RM.

Dawn’s calm and focused delivery means the event resonates and is worthwhile.

Coaching sessions with Dawn helped me to focus on how best to develop my part-time holistic therapy business, enabling me to put into perspective thoughts and ideas about my aims in life. I have regained my self confidence and zest for life. Dawn works in a very calm, patient and inspiring way. Thank you so much. Pauline