Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

An average smoker spends £150 per month (based on smoking 10 per day) on their habit – is this you? Or perhaps you spend more?

Not to mention the health problems being stored up for the future. There are 4,000 poisonous chemicals in tobacco smoke entering your lungs every time you take a drag on a cigarette. Plus the impact of passive smoking on those around you.

  • Perhaps you’ve tried to give up smoking before just using your will-power or patches?
  • Perhaps you’re worried that if you stop smoking you will replace the activity that your hands are used to making by snacking on food?

Clinical hypnotherapy is now widely recognised as an effective method to support you to stop smoking and with the method I use you will easily choose healthy alternatives rather than snacking on food.

Using a proven method combining hypnotherapy and NLP/CBT techniques, in just one session you could be rid of your habit – if you’re committed to giving up.

The cost is £197 and you should allow 1.5-2 hours.

If you’re ready to stop smoking and this appeals to you then get in touch and we can explore whether clinical hypnotherapy will be a good option for you.