Are you painting over the cracks?

How is May treating you? Are you also on a Spring Fever clearout like me? This is a slightly longer post than usual but stick with it as there’s some time sensitive info at the end 🙂

Actually, it’s not so much as a clear out (though that does need doing) as a fresh start.
At least when it comes to the decoration of my home.

If you read my last email then you might remember me mentioning painting my kitchen wall? I’d quickly applied the first coat of the ‘feature’ colour: Mango (that’s bright orange to you and me!) over Easter.

Now, it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve personally done any decorating… so…. I’m a bit rusty!

My mission was/is to redecorate my kitchen (actually the whole house but I have to start somewhere). I thought it would be be pretty straightforward, afterall most of the walls are covered by kitchen units so once the feature wall was done there wasn’t much left to do…. with me so far?

I must share that this has really been a work in progress for at least 4 years – anyone who was a regular visitor would surely have noticed the growing number of ‘tester pots’ of colour on the wall. At first I thought I wanted to go duck egg blue-ish, then olive green-ish, then maybe damson-ish, then finally two shades of ‘orange’ before settling on Mango (it’s not too bright – honest!).

So, on went the mango, and I thought I’d done pretty well….. until it dried. Then I could see that there were brush strokes and patches where I’d applied the brush too heavily   – oh, and that was after the failed attempt with a roller! I hadn’t made a very good job in the corners with the adjoining walls – not too much of a problem as I knew I would be painting them.

BUT, worst of all was the ceiling line. Very wobbly! It’s not easy to disguise Mango against bright white…. and that was another mistake…. in my enthusiasm I’d rushed into painting my ‘feature’ before painting the ceiling. Now, of course, I knew this was the sensible thing to do but I just wanted to get started – do you know that feeling? You’re so keen you just plough straight on in?

The ceiling itself was a much bigger job. There were some small repairs to fill in with filler and the stain of the exploding coffee pot to paint over a few times before the final coat. Plus the added pain of well, painting a ceiling! Up and down the ladder, moving all the protective sheeting checking for missed spots by walking round in every direction trying to get the lighting right!

No wonder I wanted the buzz of doing the Mango wall first  – lol!

I might be rusty but the memories of what to do soon came flooding back, especially with the help of a few YouTube video clips. My technique improved no end once I’d also bought a ‘cutting in’ brush – i.e. one that’s angled to make neat lines in corners etc.

So, why am I sharing all of this?

Well, I find painting (as in, painting an expanse of wall, not a masterpiece!) very meditative. The repetitive actions combined with total focus on just one thing allowed my sub-conscious to bubble up lots of helpful analogies/metaphors.

I found myself musing on the similarities between decorating and personal development.

You need to know what you want the end result to look like (Mango wall white stain-free ceiling etc). What end result to you want? That new relationship? Increased self love? To love your body and/or to lose some weight? A new career? To be debt free? Something else? What is it? Get clear!

Doing the preparation – filling in the cracks, rubbing down. Make sure before you start improving any area of your life that you’re building on solid foundations. Do your inner work to heal and release the past and make sure you’re building your new life on bricks, not sand. This can feel like painful tedious work but it’s much better than papering/painting over the cracks leaving the underlying problem ready to emerge at some time in the future.

Or maybe you’re just painting over the cracks and hoping everything will magically repair itself?

Apply your first coat – get going, take some action! It might not be perfect but you’ll never get anywhere if you stay stuck in the planning phase. If you need some help then seek it out.

Stand back and admire your handy work – once you’ve made a start make sure you check in regularly on your progress. Keep a journal (equivalent of your before and after pics) so that you can look back and see how far you’ve come because you will forget.

Take corrective action if needed – apply that second coat, re-do it completely if you don’t like it, or call in an expert if it’s turned out to be a much bigger job than you thought!

Once you’ve done one room it shows up all the others that need doing!

And on that note I have a very special offer for those of you that are action takers.

Starting on Monday May 12th is my Empowering ME-Life Makeover programme.

For just over £1 per day you can be a member of a small group working with me to makeover all the key areas of your life and if you’ve worked with me before then the price drops to less than £1 per day.

We’ll be covering the following:

May: Foundations. Introducing daily practices, and preparing your emotional, mental, and physical space.

June: Financial Flow. Shifting mind sets from lack to abundance along with lots of very practical tools to help you analyse where you are, set a budget and feel empowered in this critical area.

July: Health/body/fitness. Practical steps to lose weight/ get in shape and/or love your body just the way it is now.

August: Career/life purpose. Following your passions, designing your ideal life that supports you financially and fulfills you.

September: Relationships. Looking at your primary and other key relationships, learning the lessons, actions steps and taking them to a new level.

October: Spiritual development and pulling the programme together for the last month. We’ll be looking at what spirituality means and exploring different ways of connecting with your higher self so that you have ongoing inner guidance.

There’s no web page announcing this as I’m only making it available to subscribers to my email list and previous clients. There are 12 places in total and 4 have already gone. So get in touch asap if you’d like to know more and I can into more detail about what’s included.

  • Briefly: we’ll ‘meet’ once a month online for an hour at 8pm BST on the 2nd Monday of the month so that I can outline what’s coming up in the month ahead and you can ask any questions. These will be recorded if you can’t make it live.
  • There will be a private Facebook group through which you will get a high level of support both from me and the rest of the group.
  • You’ll receive written (via email) teachings and exercises throughout the month on the given topic. There may also be additional videos too. I’ll be teaching you EFT (for personal use) and providing scripts for each topic for you to use throughout the month.
  • Where the topic is already covered by one of mty exisitng Empowering ME… 28 Day programmes (which retail at £97 each) you’ll have full access to this – though won’t be expected to complete the whole of each of these – I’ll be picking out the core lessons from each for you to focus on and you can refer to the rest at a later date.

All this for just £37 per month or £27 per month for anyone that has worked with me before.
There is a further discount available if you prefer to pay in full in advance.

With loving support,

Dawn x