Are you feeling ready for a fresh start?

Are you feeling ready for a fresh start in some (or more than one) area of your life?

If so then it’s the perfect time of year to do so. Regardless of your religious views (or not) of the past few days, spring is most definitely in the air – in the UK at least! There is a frenzy of outdoor activity…. grass cutting, clearing out the weeds and deadwood, re-positioning planters for a better view, sweeping away the cobwebs, clearing out the guttering…. and that’s just outside 🙂

I spent 4 hours at the weekend cutting back and digging out an overgrown honeysuckle that was way past it’s best and blocking out the light at the bottom of my small garden. I also cleared out a guttering on the property that adjoins the path that allows access to the rear of my garden. It was so full of leaf debris it had formed a solid matting the exact shape of the gutter and just pulled out in great big long tubes – gooey!

As I was doing this my subconscious was bubbling up messages for me to share about detoxing and I had to laugh as I acknowledged the metaphor of clearing out my back passage – lol!

My garden clear out isn’t finished yet – the weather turned and so did my attention – and I painted one wall in my kitchen a vibrant shade of ‘Mango’. BUT, I know how much better I feel for making a start, for clearing out the rubbish, for letting in some light, planting new metaphoric seeds which I know will mature in the late summer/autumn.

The energies of the current astroligcal line up (the Grand Cross falling between two eclipses) is also supporting a period of letting go, shining a light on the dim corners that you’ve been ignoring, cleaning up and planning a fresh start. It’s a time of hope, even if your current situation appears to be quite bleak – if you still have hope then you have everything and fresh starts are always possible, even if it’s just a change in the way you think or feel about something.

If you haven’t already then I really encourage you to get started – it might just be one planter that you weed or one drawer that you clear out but trust me, you’ll feel so much better, so much lighter, you’ll thank yourself for being brave and diving right in, making space for the new to be drawn to you.

If you’re feeling stuck somewhere in life, e.g. in a relationship/meeting someone, in feeling happy, in finding fulfilling work, in loving yourself more (which is the key to everything)… or perhaps you don’t know where you’re stuck? …. then book a free clarity discovery call with me and I’ll help you to see what’s blocking your way.  I have just a few spaces for these 50 min sessions in my diary during May so get your fresh start started right away and drop me an email to to book your call.

Let me know how you get on with letting go and making space for something wonderful and new to fill it 🙂