5 Keys to Lasting Change

Is it too late to wish you Happy New Year? Quite possibly but as I haven’t written a blog post for, well, months, I hope you won’t mind!


Did you set yourself new some resolutions or new intentions this year?

I hope that they’re going well and that you’re sticking to them but statistics suggest that 66% of UK people who started a resolution in Jan 2015 had given it up within a month so read on for my 5 keys to lasting change.

Einstein is often quoted as saying the quote below. I’ve no idea whether it’ true that he said this or not but I would say the words themselves are true  – what do you think?

How are you progressing? What changes to your lifestyle have you made?  I know from experience (both my own and from working with clients) that the answer to those questions is going to be variable. Some of you will have made progress and others won’t. And there are some valid reasons for this, and to be honest, some excuses too!

So today I’m sharing with you 5 keys to making lasting changes.

Key 1

Get clear on your vision of what you want. I’m sure you did  If you’re struggling to make changes go back and re-read this – daily if you need to! It’s all very well writing a vision down once, but it won’t become reality if you don’t stay focused on it. You will also find it helpful to think about your ‘why’. Why do you want the vision to become reality? What will you gain? And what will you have to give up? Make peace with these two changes to ensure that they aren’t subconsciously blocking you and then consciously choose what you want to happen x

Key 2
Now that you’ve got clear on your vision again, connect with the feeling/energy of it. This brings it from your head into your heart/soul and it will be easier to manifest from here. Again, do this daily if you’ve been struggling to adopt new ways of being in order to bring about the change you want. Placing your hand on your heart whilst you connect with your vision will help. How will you feel when you’ve achieved your vision? What will you look like? What will you be saying/doing? What will those around you be saying? What will you see/notice about the world from this new perspective? Really embody the emotions of your vision.

Key 3
Put new structures in place. This is THE KEY!!! And also Einstein’s quote.  If you keep doing what you’ve always done then you’ll keep getting the same results. [example which follows is on weight loss] If you want to lose weight but you’re buying the same food from the shops and doing the same amount of exercise then it won’t happen. At the end of the day losing weight is a simple equation, you need to burn more calories than you eat. So you’ve either got to eat less, change what you’re eating or do more exercise. To do this you will need to make changes. Eg. If you always stick the tv on when you get in at the end of a busy day and then cook the same food you haven’t got a supportive structure (or habit).  What do you need to change? If you want to go out for a walk when you get in instead then you need to stop switching the tv on! Or if you’re too tried to cook in the evening and you know you could batch cook ahead for a few days at a time you need to make the time to do this. What change will you put in place today? I suggest you choose one at a time to work on.

What new structures do you need in place? Do you need to read some new recipe books? Join an exercise class? Park the car furthest from the supermarket rather than nearest? What changes are you choosing to put in place
[You can adapt these examples to whatever you are working on].

Key 4
Tell your nearest and dearest and enlist their support. If you’re surrounded by family you need to let them know what changes you’re introducing so that they can support you. This might be through gentle encouragement or maybe you need their help in doing chores so that you’re free to do something new.

Key 5
Following on from the above….. find an accountability partner, e.g. friend, group, or work 121 with a coach/mentor. This differs from key 4 as it’s rare that this can be a member of your family as they’re too close to you and may have a vested interest in your change, e.g. they may be concerned about how life with you will change when you’ve lost some weight, got fitter, learnt something new, they may not even be consciously aware that they’re thinking this but as a result will say things to discourage you so choose your accountability partner carefully.

Apply these 5 keys and you’re well on the way to success 🙂

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With loving support,

     Dawn x