Re-Connection Retreat

Re-Connection Retreat

Its time.

Time to re-connect


We live in an increasingly dis-connected World.

Ironically, we’re permanently connected to wifi, social media and the (mostly negative) news.

And the stronger that connection, the weaker the connection to ourselves, to our heart, to our soul, to that deep part of us that we’ve buried because we know that if we let it surface we’ll have to face it, acknowledge it and ask ourselves some deep questions that perhaps we don’t want to know the answer to.

BUT if you don’t, it’s just going to find another way to get your attention….. sickness, depression, low mood, anxiety, addictions to alcohol, food, sex, debt, broken relationships…. All the things that you’ve spent most of your life so far avoiding!

It’s time to re-connect.

Re-connect with YOU!

With what your heart desires, with the calling of your soul, with nature, with being a Woman in a World that is slowly adjusting to the female role within it.

Facebook Review/Testimonial

I attended Dawn’s first re-connection retreat May 18th-20th 2018 – what a weekend! The venue, the food and the content of the weekend were all fabulous and dare I say a little life changing as well! Dawn’s programme was just the right pace and the exercises were thorough and insightful. There were 10 of us on the retreat and it was just the right number. I had some major breakthroughs about things that have been holding me back and I have to say I can honestly say I feel very different as a result. Thank you Dawn for such a wonderful weekend. Not one I shall forget, that’s for sure! Powerful stuff. All I will say is look out for the next one as it’s going to get booked up pretty quickly! Highly recommended.
Sara Moseley, May 2018

It’s time to take back your power.

Especially if you’re a lightworker of any description. This is THE year to step it up, to step into your power as a leader, a teacher, a healer, however your gift manifests.

And if this isn’t your specific specialism….. it’s still time to TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON… to steal a line from Tom Chaplin’s song, Under a Million Lights.

It’s time to follow your passions, create a life doing what you love, throw off the bindings of what you ‘should’ be doing’ and how you ‘should’ be living….. Says who?!

If you want to ditch the day job…. Do it!

End the relationship that’s past it’s sell by date…. Do it!

Re-locate…..Do it!

Re-invent yourself…. Do it!

There are very few limits these days… other than those inside your head. Those limiting beliefs and your ego telling yourself that you can’t, you don’t know enough, you don’t have enough money, you aren’t brave enough, you’ll never change, it’s too scary.

Yes, it is scary…. But in most cases it’s not going to kill you!

Yes, it will be uncomfortable, stretching your comfort zone always is, but only for a while whilst you grow into your newly expanded zone.

It’s time to call back your power, to heal whatever needs healing which is holding you back and it’s time to TURN YOUR LIGHT ON because as you do so you will inspire other women to do the same.

You’ll inspire your children and those around you and what better gift is there than that?

I invite you to join me on the Re-Connection Retreat.

2 nights/3 days to RE-connect with YOU


You’ll spend 2 nights/3 days in Luxury Cottages, re-connecting with your inner nature as well as with the nature outside whilst also being supported in the lap of luxury. We have sole use of the inter-connecting cottages so no need to worry about bumping into anyone who isn’t part of the Re-Connection Retreat Tribe.

You’ll be guided and supported to let go of outdated ways of thinking and being and all that is holding you back from pursuing your dreams.

To escape the busy-ness of life. To connect with your inner self, your heart’s desires, your soul’s calling and dream a new vision of your future into being.

You’ll be fed and watered with homemade scrummy plant based foods provided by Rachel Leigh-Janey of Herbalicious Foods who will be staying on-site with us ensuring the highest quality of nutrition possible. Rachel has a passion for clean plant-based food and all meals will be naturally vegan and gluten free –  a chance to re-set your internal systems too!

You will be provided with luxury towels so no need to lug heavy and bulky items with you.

You’ll be sharing with other inspirational women and each cottage has it’s own lounge giving you plenty of space to enjoy the surroundings and find a quiet corner when you want one.






Weather permitting we will be outside as much as possible, making use of the both the garden and the frontage on the River Dove… this is down the lane so bring suitable footwear with you. We’ll be doing some gentle walking and exercise too so that you can enjoy the fabulous countryside around the site.






You’ll leave the weekend feeling refreshed, re-newed and re-energised. Excited about what the rest of 2018 and beyond holds for you.

We get started at 5pm on the Friday and from then until approx. 3:30pm on Sunday you will be fully supported and guided with everything taken care of for you.


 This is a Shamanic and Heart based weekend so there will be drumming and fire ceremonies as well as powerful techniques for the mind and soul!


In addition to the weekend itself you will also receive a shamanic power retrieval from me a few weeks beforehand so that you arrive at the Re-Connection Retreat fully back in your power and ready to take big steps forwards towards your dreams, your desires, your soul’s calling.

[If this doesn’t appeal to you it can be exchanged for a coaching session instead]

The Re-Connection retreat takes place from
Friday 28th September – Sunday 30th  September 2018.

We will be in the energies of the Autumn Equinox which will be supporting you to sow new seeds/plans for the coming months and filling you with the excitement of new growth.

The location is a few miles outside of Ashbourne in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District at Dove Farm, Mill Lane, off Dove Street, Ellastone, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2GY. See for more info.

There are only 10 places available!
Room occupancy options are available – if you’re quick to book as it’s first come, first served!.

To re-cap. The Re-connection Retreat includes:

  1. All accommodation including towels in shared rooms – various occupancy types available for the first to book!






  1. All meals and snacks – home cooked plant based, vegan and gluten free food created on-site to cater for our needs. See Rachel’s Facebook page for more inspiration.’ve attended one of Rachel’s vegan cookery workshops and her food is AMAZING! I guarantee that even if you’re a dedicated meat eater you will love her food 🙂


  1. A comprehensive Life Navigation workbook to assist in evaluating where you are now, what blocks area holding you back and to initiate clarifying your dreams.
  2. A soul/power retrieval (value £85) to be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the retreat to start the process of returning your power. See for full details.
  3. 28 Day Soul-Full Self-Love Initiation programme (value £47) to give you a solid foundation/reminder of self-love practices. We won’t be going through these on the retreat as such but it’s important that I know you’ve all studied the same material so that you can progress further on the retreat itself.

On the weekend itself you will experience shamanic and heart healing practices all of which I am professionally trained and insured to deliver.


Your investment is as follows:

Pay in full before August 31st 2018 (and save 12-13%):

Room Type Early-Bird – pay by 31/8/2018 Full Price – fee due by 14/9/201818
Double occupancy, en-suite
(2 places available)
£427 £487
Single occupancy double bed, shared bathroom
(3 places available)
£427 £487
Shared twin or triple room, shared bathroom
(5 places available)
£397 £467


Instalments plan available by arrangement – must be paid in full by September 14th 2018. Please contact me asap to arrange a bespoke payment plan.

Upgrade to the VIP option which includes all of the above plus a FULL day with me and a follow up coaching session at a date and location to be arranged for just £797.

Payment can be made by PayPal or direct bank transfer or in person by card.

Facebook Review/Testimonial

I have just come off an amazing weekend retreat that Dawn hosted near Ashbourne. I can’t recommend Dawn highly enough. Her compassion, ability to hold space for myself and other participants to go through their stuff and come out the other side. Her understanding of what we all went though, as well as all the thoughtful preparations that went into organising and running the whole event, including fabulous high vibrational nurturing food was incredible. If you are looking to get rid of the daily struggles that stop you from living the dream without having to regurgitate it time and time again then I would definitely recommend talking to and seeing Dawn. Thank you Dawn x

Lisa Satchwell, May 2018.


My intention for you is that you’ll leave the retreat feeling whole, complete, re-energised, re-enthused about life and with a clear vision of your ‘big dream’ for your life with some clear obvious steps that you can take to start moving towards it.

There are just 10 places (and 2 are already spoken for) so don’t delay in reserving yours!

To reserve your place, or to arrange a phone call to find out further details please email or if we’re connected on Facebook feel free to send me a private message.


The small print!

Once your payment or first instalment is received you are committed to the retreat and payment in full will be required by the dates stated regardless or whether you attend. I therefore recommend that you take out travel insurance in case you need to cancel.

If either myself or the hosting venue have to cancel the retreat then all monies paid will be refunded in full.

We will be digging deep emotionally and in physical terms there will be some sitting on the floor/cushions and gentle walking.

You are responsible for your own self-care so if you feel you have any condition, e.g. mental health or physical ailment which may make you unsuitable for this retreat please arrange to discuss this with me beforehand to ensure that it is suitable for you.

I look forward to supporting you to clear away any blocks holding you back from achieving your dreams and to gaining clarity on your next steps.


With loving support,

  Dawn x

About Dawn:

I am a Shamanic healer, Clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Coach/Mentor providing holistic solutions for women seeking to navigate their way through life. I assist in smoothing out the pot-holes, avoiding the road-blocks and planning complete re-routes! I design bespoke healing and coaching programmes working on mind, body and soul giving you the breakthrough you desire.

See or for further details of individual services provided.

P.S. If you prefer all of this info in PDF format you can access it here:  Re-Connection Retreat Sept 2018 Dove Farm