Hypnotherapy Lichfield

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality to assist you in overcoming a range of issues from weight control to phobias and panic attacks to stress management.  Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy. Hypnosis enables you to reach a deep level of relaxation where you have ready access to your sub-conscious. Using an appropriate therapeutic modailty, e.g. NLP, CBT I re-train your sub-conscious to bring about the changes you desire.  Read my FAQ page on hypnotherapy for further background information and the About Dawn  page for full details of my background and training.

Using clinical hypnotherapy I specialise in the following areas and can also assist with much more so please get in touch if your condition isn’t mentioned here.

Weight Management

Re-gain control of your weight

Hypnotherapy can support you to achieve the weight you desire, to love your body and to prioritise healthy eating.

We will identify what triggers your eating patterns and use the power of your sub-conscious to easily make healthier choices.

Through regular sessions with Dawn, typically 5-6, you will easily re-gain control of your eating. See the Weight Management page for full details.

Stop SmokingStop Smoking in 1 Session

The damage to your health of smoking is well documented, with each cigarette containing over 4,000 poisons, yet many people find it hard to give up. When you are ready to stop smoking completely clinical hypnotherapy can be used very effectively to support you. In just 1 session you can be rid of your addictive habit. See the Stop Smoking page for further details.

Confidence - Self EsteemBoost your Confidence and Self-Esteem

We all have times when our confidence gets dented… perhaps you’ve been struggling for some time and now it’s becoming a bigger problem and affecting more areas of your life?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you to harness the power of your sub-conscious and re-gain your super powers! It can be used to boost your confidence in specific situations, e.g. giving presentations, or to generally boost your level of self-esteem. For further details see the Confidence page.

Phobias - Fear v2Free your life from Phobias

We all have them to one degree or another but for some people their phobias are debilitating, becoming frozen to the spot at the site of a spider or an umbrella or ….. what’s yours?

You can take back control of your life and start living your life in full again if your phobia has been very restricting. In just a few sessions of hypnotherapy you can be free! See the Phobias page for further details.

Stress ManagementStress Management

Feeling stressed is a normal part of life, it’s our natural ‘flight or fright’ response to certain situations. Increasingly though our fast paced and highly pressurised lives are leading to this response being permanently ‘on’ leading to ill health and time off work.

Hypnotherapy can support you to manage your response to stress  and put you back control of your life. See the Stress Management page for further details.