Goals, intentions, commitments – what are you choosing?

I’m sure you’ve had several ‘new year, new you’ emails by now so I hope you’ll find this post interesting enough to read until the end – it has ended up being rather long!

How was you Christmas-time? I hope you managed to have a peaceful and restful time and weren’t affected by the floods and powercuts that some areas of the UK have suffered over the last couple of weeks? I’m sure my imagination doesn’t even get close to what’s it’s actually like to be flooded out so if that was you my thoughts are with you as you clear up and dry out.

There certainly is a lot to be grateful for in life isn’t there? It’s often the everyday things like a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in and a hot meal that we overlook and take for granted but so many people in the world don’t have these essentials.  Just before Christmas I took part in a local Basket Brigade event and helped to put togther 400 food hampers to be delivered to local folk to ensure that they had a decent meal over Christmas. If you want to get involved next year there are plenty of these events around the world so get googling and get the date in your diary now 🙂

I love writing these emails to you as I never know the fine details of the content until my fingers start to move across the keys! This is supposed to be an email about intentions for 2014 and so far has become much more gratitude focused….. but actually that’s a great way to start setting your intentions for next year….. by being grateful for everything you’ve received, achieved and believed in 2013. Adopting and attitude of gratitude is such a powerful tool to have in your toolkit, it works in so many different ways: to snap you out of a bad mood, to keep you focused on all you are achieving, to get clear on what you would like to attract into your life, to help you appreciate life’s ‘lessons’ when they come along….. give it a go 🙂

gratitudeAnd maybe gratitude is a great way to start to get focused on all that you want to manifest next year?  There is plenty of debate around at the moment about whether setting goals is the right approach, or should we set personal standards instead, or should we be more fully in our feminine energy (especially if you’re female) and go with the flow, or do we set intentions, or make commitments! Who’d have thought making New Year’s resolutions (which definitely seem to be old hat these days!) could get so complicated?!

So, here’s my advice….. don’t get hung up on the word you’re using, i.e. are you making resolutions/goals/intentions/commitments.  BUT do, do something. There is plenty of evidence around to proove that when we set ourselves a goal/make a commitment we achieve it.

The energy at this New Year is very powerful, and to me feels very different to this time last year, though I had just come down with a bad dose of flu at the time which might have clouded my judgement! Last year we were hot off the events of 21/12/2012 and many of us thought that was the big event, but it seems to have turned out to just be the start, and for many people 2013 was a big year of clearing and therefore a lot of turmoil and change.

This year 1st Jan falls on a New Moon (or is it the other way around?), so we have the double power boost of the new year energies with those of a new moon, representing a fresh start and the perfect time to start new projects.

So, here are a few steps you can follow to get your New Year off to a great start:

  1. Spend some time in gratitude for all that 2013 sent you
  2. Think about what you learnt from 2013 and how you can take those insights through into 2014
  3. Make some time to meditate/visualise 2014 – you can go through month by month, or just get a feel for the whole year.  It’s important that you FEEL into this. How do you want to FEEL in 2014?
  4. Who do need to BEcome in order to attain these feelings? What do you need to change? What help do you need? How can you help others too?
  5. What do you need to BELIEVE?
  6. And finally, what practical steps do you need to DO to make this happen?

Keep me posted on your progress – you can always share your thoughts over on my Facebook Page.

I love my body

If, like me, one of your intentions is to really, truly, deeply, love, appreciate and honour your body then you may be interested in a new online programme I’m running which starts on the 1st January – so you need to get  your skates on! It’s called Loving ME-Loving MY Body and runs for 56 days with a new ‘lesson’ every other day. As this is the first time I’ve opened it up to those who haven’t already worked with me before, I’m making a special January price of just £37 (approx $61). There is more info on my website .

And finally for this post! If you missed out on my Loving ME-Loving MY Life! Programme in December, this will also be starting again in a couple of weeks time and I’m making the first 7 steps available to you free of charge so that you can try it out, make a start and really get to work on your old emotional baggage. There is full info on my website – just ignore the pricing as there will also be a January offer (as well as the first 7 steps being free).

Good Luck with all that you FEEL you want to achieve in 2014 🙂

With loving support,
Dawn x