Sacred Women Circle

How often do you get the chance to be truly heard, listened to unconditionally and ‘held’ in sacred space whilst you share your innermost thoughts and feelings?

Sadly in our busy-busy world opportunities to both listen and hold space for people and to be heard are hard to find these days, especially for women with so many demands on our time and the numerous different roles we play.

I invite you to join me in a Sacred Women Circle.

  • Time each month in a small group (8 max) to sit in circle, to share anything you wish, to seek advice, to give advice, to be heard, to be ‘held’ in the loving embrace of the group.
  • Benefit from the healing power in being able to freely speak your truth, without fear of reprimand, in allowing yourself to be vulnerable, it allows your soul to relax, your heart to say ‘yes’ and gives your mind something to do which in return relieves the stress in your body.
  • Leave feeling refreshed, renewed and supported, ready to ‘face the world’ again.

In long gone times sitting in circle was a tradition – it’s time now to bring back some of the old ways.

Sacred Circle will be held as close to the New Moon as possible so will gradually move through the month over the course of the year.

There will be one in person group in Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire and another online if there is enough interest. We will meet from 7:30pm -9:30pm giving each person 10 minutes to share or seek help with time for a quick refreshment break. Cost £12 per meeting.

Give your Soul the gift of time and space to speak 🙂

2017 in-person dates (all Tuesdays):

31st January
28th February
28th March
25th April
23rd May
20th June
25th July
22nd August
19th September
17th October
21st November
December – xmas gathering to be agreed

Please note: This isn’t a course with a fixed number of sessions so you are free to come and go as you like however, for the sake of holding the group sacred and to get to know everyone well enough that everyone feels comfortable sharing, ideally you would attend for at least 4 consecutive meetings.


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