Complementary Therapies

For many people, going through major life changes can be very unsettling, challenging and can leave you feeling at a loss to know what to do next leading to stress, sleepness nights, fatigued and generally feeling unbalanced.

Often we just wish that our guardian angel would swoop down and sort everything out for us. If this sounds like you then perhaps you aren’t ready to take on board coaching/mentoring/courses/events just yet but require a different kind of support at this very early stage of your journey. Or perhaps you’d like some additional support alongside coaching/mentoring?

Energy Therapies

Energy Healing can be very beneficial at this time, giving you some much needed time-out and ‘me time’ where you don’t need to think about anything, say anything or do anything other than to lie on a therapy couch and listen to soothing music whilst experiencing the supportive, calming, relaxing healing of Reiki (traditional Usui, Sekhem or Angelic), Crystal Healing or Sea Shell Healing.

Physical Therapies

Perhaps, like many people, you carry your stress in your neck and shoulders leading to headaches, sore muscles and fatigue. In which case you may find Indian Head Massage beneficial.

Or if you struggle with sinus problems, colds etc then Hopi Ear Candling may be of benefit.


Treatments are available from Studio 18, Highland Avenue, Sandbank, Dunoon PA23 8PB. The cost varies depending on length of session.

1 hour: £35
30 minute taster: £20
(initial consultation usually slightly longer than the treatment session at no additional cost).

Contact Dawn PetherickPlease contact me to discuss your issue and find out how a complementary therapy treatment programme may help you.