Are you painting over the cracks?

orange paint

How is May treating you? Are you also on a Spring Fever clearout like me? This is a slightly longer post than usual but stick with it as there’s some time sensitive info at the end 🙂 Actually, it’s not so much as a clear out (though that does need doing) as a fresh start. At least when it comes to the decoration of my home. If you read my last email then you might remember me mentioning painting my kitchen wall? I’d quickly applied the first coat of the ‘feature’ colour: Mango (that’s bright orange to you and me!) […] Read more »

Can you be friends with your ex?

I’ve been pondering this thought for a while – can you be friends with your ex? Especially immediately after you break up?  I’d love to know what you think!  Here are my thoughts….. For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while you’ll know what has triggered this thought….. I separated from my ex-fiance last August  – triggered by him and his assertion that he needed to be single to carry out his duties as a vicar. I agreed,  as at the time I felt that was the best thing for both of us. But deep […] Read more »

Can anger be positive?

I’ve had cause to re-evaluate my views on anger recently. How do you feel about anger? Do you recognise any of these? it’s always bad it’s bad when I can’t control it I keep it bottled up it’s better to let it out … something else? I’d love to know so please feel free to comment. I’m very aware that until the last few years, since I started on my path of self awareness and self development, that I always viewed anger as bad, even arguments let alone actual anger!  In my early years (when we form our beliefs) I […] Read more »

What we can learn about love from the snow

It’s been a strange old first quarter of the year here in the UK. We’ve just had yet another downpour of snow which has lasted several days – that’s very unusual for us – especially in the Midlands where I am based. I’m a big fan of the power of metaphor to help us understand, process and digest what’s going on in our lives and found my mind coming up with some insights from the snow recently. This is a technique I often use with clients to help them too 🙂 So, I thought I’d share the meanderings of my […] Read more »

Merry Christmas – and my 8th Top Tip

Just a very brief message to share my 8th Tip for having a sizzling singles Christmas 🙂 Tip 8 My final tip is about faith, hope, belief and trust. When I think about the main mindset shift that helped me and that I now recommend to clients (alongside helpings of self awareness and doing your deep inner work), this is it. Never give up hope and belief that there is someone out there for you. Never give up believing that you can have the ideal relationship. Trust that when you work on yourself and get clear on what you want […] Read more »

7 Top Tips for a sizzling singles Christmas‏

Are you all set for Christmas? With only a few days to go I thought I’d share my top tips for turning it from a time of surviving to a time of sizzling! I know for many that Christmas and New Year outside of a significant relationship can be hard, especially if this is your first on your own…. but it doesn’t have to be, it can be a time of great healing too – you just need to get yourself prepared  – are you ready? 🙂 Tip 1: Get your mindset right – decide to enjoy it and you […] Read more »

Looking for Love but making excuses?‏

I’ve been pondering lately on all the excuses we make and all the reasons why we can’t meet our soulmate/life partner. Do any of these sound familiar? I’m too fat/heavy/overweight I’m too old No one would be interested in me! I haven’t got time right now I’m not sure I want to be hurt again All the ‘good’ ones are taken/there’s no good one’s left What’s the point, they’ll only leave me again like last time I’m not ready yet I don’t go out – where will I meet someone? Can you hear yourself saying any of these and/or other […] Read more »

Dawn, Are you still hung up on your ex?‏

Are you? Or have you been hung up on your ex? It’s not helpful is it? I thought I’d write about this today as I transition my relationship into a friendship.  I’ve shared previously what has lead to this change and it is now a lot, lot easier, I’m pleased to say! But, I’m very aware that whilst I still have my ex in my life in the form of  a good friend, ultimately it’s going to block me making space for someone new to enter.  I’m not quite ready for that yet so at the moment this situation is […] Read more »

Soulmates suck…. or do they?‏

Many thanks to everyone that got in touch after my last post – it really was appreciated. All is going well with my re-adjustment back to single life – I’ve been re-applying what I teach – you know the saying ‘practice what you preach’? well now I get another go at it! I’m also very busy which helps, at least for now, until I’m ready to start looking for someone new again – I’m sure there will be someone waiting in the wings as soon as I am 🙂 So, how are you all doing? Before I get into the […] Read more »

One way that you could be putting men off

Have you enjoyed the recent bank holiday and the Queen’s Jubliee celebrations (if you’re in the UK)? I had a lovely time – meeting with friends, a bbq (between the showers) and tidying up the garden. In this message I thought I’d share with you something about femininity – specifically, something to do with feminine and masculine energies and keeping those balanced. If you’re struggling to hang on to relationships there will be a reason. It may that they’re just not ‘the one’ for you, but what if they were and you were doing something to put them off?  Wouldn’t […] Read more »