Are you painting over the cracks?

orange paint

How is May treating you? Are you also on a Spring Fever clearout like me? This is a slightly longer post than usual but stick with it as there’s some time sensitive info at the end πŸ™‚ Actually, it’s not so much as a clear out (though that does need doing) as a fresh start. At least when it comes to the decoration of my home. If you read my last email then you might remember me mentioning painting my kitchen wall? I’d quickly applied the first coat of the ‘feature’ colour: Mango (that’s bright orange to you and me!) […] Read more Β»

One way that you could be putting men off

Have you enjoyed the recent bank holiday and the Queen’s Jubliee celebrations (if you’re in the UK)? I had a lovely time – meeting with friends, a bbq (between the showers) and tidying up the garden. In this message I thought I’d share with you something about femininity – specifically, something to do with feminine and masculine energies and keeping those balanced. If you’re struggling to hang on to relationships there will be a reason. It may that they’re just not ‘the one’ for you, but what if they were and you were doing something to put them off?Β  Wouldn’t […] Read more Β»