It’s a wrap! Merry Christmas and Thank You :)

Christmas snowman

Well folks, that’s a wrap as they say in the tv/film world! We’re pretty much at the end of 2013 and it’s Christmas Eve too so I hope you also have all your presents wrapped by now and you can start to enjoy your Christmas-time. What have you got planned? Me, I’m going to spend a couple of days with my Sister and her family and call in on my Dad en-route. I love Christmas and the time it gives us to re-calibrate, to slow down (after the rushing around of food shopping and present delivering etc!), to give thanks […] Read more »

What to do when you don’t know what to do….

Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted…. apologies for the ‘radio silence’. So, where have I been, what’s been going on and what has that got to do with the topic of this email? …. as usual…. pretty much everything, as most of what I share with you stems from what’s going on in my life and how you can use that in yours 🙂 I think I last emailed round about my ‘big’ birthday back in July. That turned out to be more of a turning point than I expected. Once the day itself had passed it […] Read more »

Merry Christmas – and my 8th Top Tip

Just a very brief message to share my 8th Tip for having a sizzling singles Christmas 🙂 Tip 8 My final tip is about faith, hope, belief and trust. When I think about the main mindset shift that helped me and that I now recommend to clients (alongside helpings of self awareness and doing your deep inner work), this is it. Never give up hope and belief that there is someone out there for you. Never give up believing that you can have the ideal relationship. Trust that when you work on yourself and get clear on what you want […] Read more »

7 Top Tips for a sizzling singles Christmas‏

Are you all set for Christmas? With only a few days to go I thought I’d share my top tips for turning it from a time of surviving to a time of sizzling! I know for many that Christmas and New Year outside of a significant relationship can be hard, especially if this is your first on your own…. but it doesn’t have to be, it can be a time of great healing too – you just need to get yourself prepared  – are you ready? 🙂 Tip 1: Get your mindset right – decide to enjoy it and you […] Read more »

Looking for Love but making excuses?‏

I’ve been pondering lately on all the excuses we make and all the reasons why we can’t meet our soulmate/life partner. Do any of these sound familiar? I’m too fat/heavy/overweight I’m too old No one would be interested in me! I haven’t got time right now I’m not sure I want to be hurt again All the ‘good’ ones are taken/there’s no good one’s left What’s the point, they’ll only leave me again like last time I’m not ready yet I don’t go out – where will I meet someone? Can you hear yourself saying any of these and/or other […] Read more »

My passion, plus, are you blocking your soulmate?

This week I’m sharing my passion with you! It also happens to be the topic of Module 5 of the Separated2Soulmate Mentoring programme and it is… .the power of our minds to attract what we want in life (or more commonly known as The Law of Attraction)… including your soulmate which is why Module 5 is called ‘The Attractor Factor’. Our minds are powerful tools, they can be a force for good in your life or a source of negativity – which is it for you? Have you ever stopped to notice? Just take a moment now? What is your […] Read more »