About Dawn

Have you ever felt that you were just bumbling along through life without any particular sense of direction? And then, big changes start coming along that you weren’t expecting, or maybe you wanted them but never thought that you could make them happen?

That was me about 12 years ago. I found myself back in a career that I thought I’d left for good, in a relationship that was ok but under a lot of stress as it had followed very quickly after my divorce a few years before, and commuting 2 hours each way to get to work.

Discovering the World of Self Development

Then I found something. I found the world of self development. I found inspiration through books and workshops and then Reiki found me! Before I knew what was happening I was out in Greece on a week-long retreat learning Reiki and a whole new world opened up for me.

I became like a sponge, eager to soak up all the wisdom, knowledge and experience of other seekers who had gone before. More and more training came and went, Life Coaching, Heal Your Life (Louise Hay) trainer and coach training, Crystal Healing, Colour Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Colour Breathing, Confidence Coaching, Angelic Reiki and Sekhem; you name it I’ve either done it or thought very seriously about doing it or it’s on my list to do soon!

Along the way I also got to meet in person many of the authors of my favourite books that had inspired me, either through attending their workshops or undertaking training with them. And I got to meet many not (yet) so well known, all of whom are lighting the way for others to follow.

My Passion

My passion is helping and supporting you to heal your inner wounds so that you can live a life you love rather than one that you’re putting up with! It all starts with you! Work on you, heal you, release your blocks, step through your fear and into your power and you can be, do and have anything you want. In the past few years I’ve repeatedly stretched myself out of my comfort zone taking baby steps towards my vision and now it’s pretty much here.

Specific conditions that I typically assist with are: low self-esteem/confidence, recovering post divorce, anxiety, grief and loss, abusive situations (past or present), life purpose, weight loss and body confidence and mid-life transitions – the whole ‘who am I’ thing?!

The Vision

When I was in Greece I had a vision. I clearly saw myself running a retreat centre for people like me who were disillusioned with their lives, frazzled by just living day to day, knowing that they needed to change and heal but not knowing where to get help and guidance in a safe and supportive environment.  I dreamt of the building, its layout, the design of the garden, every detail was crystal clear and I captured it all in my journal.

My vision isn’t quite a reality yet in as much as I don’t yet have a retreat building that you can visit. But, I strive to make every contact you have with me like being on a retreat. I specialise in helping women to build a solid foundation of self-love so that they can thrive in all areas of their lives. I take a holistic approach and tailor it to my clients using shamanic healing, hypnotherapy, coaching and more depending on what’s required. I work through 121 sessions, workshops, small groups online programmes and VIP experiences.

I have a closed FB group called Soul-Full Living which you are most welcome to pop along and join where I share daily inspiration to keep you motivated and on track. www.facebook.com/groups/soulfullliving

or you can find me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/dawnpetherick

And finally, just for a bit of fun here is a potted history of my life in 200 words!

So, do please get in touch and find out how I can support you.

With love