2013 – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Well, that’s 2013 done and dusted, lets get on with this year now!

That might be what many of you (including me) are thinking, especially if your year was either mixed or mostly full of lows/challenges/changes. This seems to have been the case for many in 2013.  Hot on the heels of all the hope that was pinned onto 21/12/2012 I don’t think we realised that the year that followed was going to be so full of change and upheaval!

Just before you close the book on 2013 and launch fully into this new, bright, shiny year, which feels so much lighter energetcially than last, it’s worth taking a few moments to reflect on all that you learnt and experienced. Rather than write it all off as a complete disaster you can pick and choose the positive things you’d like to carry forward into this year, even if they initially showed up as a negative experience.

I’m doing the same and so here my reflections on my 2013.

To be fair to 2013 my view of it is probably tainted by starting if off with flu and a chest infection which quickly resulted in a burst ear-drum! On the scale of medical problems clearly this was only small, but it was far more debilitating than I expected and wasn’t fully cleared up until Easter.  I felt that I ‘lost’ the first quarter of the year! It was definitely a time of letting go for me as I fully let go all contact with my ex-fiance. As he moved on it was no longer serving me to remain friends and was energetically blocking the way for someone new to step into my life. The final ending was more painful than I expected but the lightness that I felt afterwards was well worth it 🙂

I had great plans for launching various new programmes at the start of the year and all of these fell by the wayside as I had to prioritise looking after me – you’ll have noticed fewer blog posts and emails at this time!

P1020518Late spring/early summer was a time to thrive as I succesfully launched my Loving ME-Empowering MY Life programme. It felt good to finally get this ‘out there’ and the feedback I’ve had from clients has been amazing and encourages me to do more. I love working with groups and there is so much that can be done online these days to connect together like minded souls. This finally felt like my New Year!

Then came the summer….. and the BIG birthday!  I turned 50 in July and have to admit to getting a bit grumpy about it all for the few weeks beforehand – apologies to those of you that had to put up with this!  In the end it was a lovely day, I had a few close friends and family round to share it with me, the weather was gorgeous all afternoon and  I got to spend it exactly how I wanted – what more can a girl ask for?

Well, there is one more thing…. someone to share it with, and someone did step forward at my birthday time 🙂 A lovely boost to the summer and it triggered in me a re-awakening of my spiritual searching and understandings of life and the universe. It was very clear to me from the start that we weren’t each others ‘one’ and so by late Autumn we had mutually agreed to continue as friends and this feels good so we’ll see where our journey takes us.

Over this time I was also pushed out of my comfort zone to speak at two multi-speaker events and a networking group. The events were both amazing days, though very different. I learnt a lot, grew a lot as a result and look forward to doing more speaking this year – and already have 3 speaking ‘gigs’ booked in the diary!

P1020572September triggered another period of releasing for me. I took myself off on holiday on my own and spent a fabulous few days in Cornwall and in Glastonbury. Cornwall especially feels like my spiritual home and I spent quite a lot of time around St Michael’s Mount. I felt that I needed the time out to really get clear on my life’s mission and purpose, on what I’m here to do in this lifetime, on what my legacy will be and felt very clearly guided during this time.  It’s definitely to teach about love… starting with self love and so began the process of dropping use of my ‘Soulmate Angel’ tag.  I’m still passionate about helping with relationship issues but for me it all starts with the self and it felt good to no longer be restricted by a name that to most people meant I only worked on soulmate stuff. I was also inspired to run some retreats in Glastonbury/Cornwall and have just started the planning for those – watch this space!

I also made a decision to stop running a personal development group that I’d started a year earlier. It felt like we’d all grown and developed in the year we spent together and that the group was coming to a natural conclusion so  in the end it wasn’t too difficult a choice to make, and I know it opened up the space for something new to devleop in 2014.

And then came another time of physcial clearing  – another bout of flu and feeling so, so tired, which eventually turned out to be because I’d become anaemic – possibly due to cutting meat out of my diet. So another few weeks of building myself back up!

So, what am I taking forward into 2014?

My joy and sense of fulfillment of knowing that my programmes are really making a difference to those that feel called to take part in them. I have a couple more in the pipeline so watch this space this year!  I love being able to support people as they work at a really deep level to transform their thoughts and feelings about themselves.

I’m taking forward a commitment to looking after my physical body better in 2014. I don’t want any episodes of flu this year! So, I’m committed to making sure that I eat properly, healthily and step-up the exercise – I’d like to be here another 50 years if that’s possible!

New Year 2014Overall, 2013 hasn’t been too bad – there have been worse! Though I’m more than happy to believe that 2014 is going to be way, way better 🙂

What have you learnt form 2013 and what are you taking forward in a positive way into 2014? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

With loving support,
  Dawn x